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At Clean Claim MD, we have over 100 years combined experience that e
nables us to spot problems earlier in the process and produce cleaner claims yielding better collections and improving cash flow.  Make today the day you improve the results in your billing process. Contact us today for a free check up of your practice today.  
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Clean Claim (adjective)- A claim that does not have to be investigated by insurance companies before they process it.

Clean Claim can effectively utilize technologies available to them to get claims paid and to fight claim denials.  Everyday, it gets harder for healthcare providers to collect insurance dollars.  Now more than ever, providers have a greater incentive to outsource their medical billing

How many patients are you seeing for free?
Many answer none, but we disagree.  If you aren't keeping up
with the rapid changes in codes, modifiers, and submitting procedures, chances are you have seen a staggering number of patients for free.